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What is Snowboarding?

Heyo people. I hope there's some still tuned in to this.

I've missed this season, being laid up with a recovery program that involves saving for next season in Whistler.

So I've been reading the mags and watching the TV.

You know what pisses me off? This: Every article in the mags is about "How was filming your movie? How did it feel waking up early and waiting for snow, knowing that you might not be able to film that day? How do you feel about your film coming out? What does it feel like looking for a movie sponsor?"

What else pisses me off? The TV: Look at my movie!

How about what it feels like to be a boarder? How about an article about waiting in the queue and finding the line nobody else but you and your buddy found? How about the quiz of choosing which gear to buy for your style? Where's the article about how you find your own style? Where's the writing about taking your first step from a hire board to your own board? What type of board fits your style?

What about the articles about getting frozen near to fear in a snow blizzard at the top of a crest while you find your way home?

What about the moment when you 'crack' a new slope, a new piece of kit, a new mountain, a moment when the mountain and yourself became one *you know what I mean*

What about the moment when you catch a skiier on the way up the hill and nod to each other, then later in the day spot each other and race back to the lift, with a nod to each other as the winner passes?

Where is the writing about what it feels like to be a snowboarder? All I can find is - Here's my movie!
What about those of us who enjoy snowboarding who don't care about movies, because we know fame doesn't matter? What about boarders who don't want to be on film?

What about snowboarders who want to be on the mountain for the fun it gives us?

I really hope someone replies to this.
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