Kangaruth (kangaruth) wrote in snowboard_uk,

Some advice?

Although I've been boarding quite a bit on real snow, I'm going to a dry slope tomorrow for the first time. However, I have absolutely no idea what to wear. My boarding gear is currently at a friend's in Switzerland and I'm not entirely sure I'd want to wreck it on a dry slope anyway (I've heard they can be a bit harsh on clothes). However, the forecast for tomorrow says cold with rain/snow, so I was wondering - would it be worth buying a really cheap pair of salopettes to wear on the dry slope? Or is it more sensible to wear trakkie bottoms and some thin waterproof trousers? And the same with jackets - I have my ski jacket but would it be better to wear a hiking rainjacket?

(x-posted to snowboarding since this community is usually really quiet)
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